Gyokuro: Shade-Grown Japanese Green Tea

Bright jade colored tea

The tea I’m going to be reviewing today is called Gyokuro (pronounced Gee-yo-ku-row), a green tea grown in Japan. The name means jade dew in Japanese which refers to the color of the tea after brewing. Most of the tea produced in Japan is green tea. There are three main types of Japanese green tea: Sencha, Gyokuro, and Matcha. They differ not in the variety of tea plant they’re grown from, but in the method of growing and post-production.


Sencha is grown like most other green teas and is exposed to the sun up to the point of harvest. The first harvest of Sencha is called Shincha. During the winter, the tea plant stores it’s nutrients in the plant and this first harvest contains these concentrated nutrients. These young leaves result in a tea low in caffeine and catechins, and high in amino acids. Low grade Sencha leaves that are the last to be picked off the plant are called Bancha. This variety is a good daily tea that doesn’t break the bank.

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