Why I Made Tea a Part of My Daily Routine

I started drinking tea because I was sick. Both physically and mentally. Not the kind of sick that comes from a cold or a cough. The kind of sick that comes from a chronic disease.

One thing you learn about being alive is that nobody is responsible for helping you calm down. If you get yourself into a shitshow nobody is responsible for getting you out. Most of the time nobody even notices.

For me, this shitshow happened during high school. I was not the most responsible student in the world. Often times I would stay up until 3 am the night before finishing homework. Despite all this, I felt a strong pressure to succeed. I took all the hardest classes and my grades were always decent.

However, these grades came at the cost of my health. Staying up late every night, eating shit food, and being stressed all day manifested itself in both lower immunity and mental health problems. At the peak of this I was getting sick every few weeks with whatever bug was going around school and was constantly anxious and moderately depressed.

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